Yoast for Shopify – Worth Paying $29 per month?


According to the recent announcement from Yoast , they will be launching Yoast SEO App for Shopify in 18th Jan 2022.

Yoast WordPress SEO plugins is the world most popular WordPress SEO plugin with over 12 million active users. Question is will the Shopify version of Yoast worth paying $29 per month compared to other Shopify SEO apps available ?

Key features of Yoast Shopify SEO App

  1. Create SEO-friendly product pages and blogs
  2. Easily optimize content for keyphrases
  3. Automatic structured data

Based on the information available on Yoast Shopify SEO product page, readability analysis is one of the first features they are highlighting on the page.

For an e-commerce store , category pages and product pages are the most important pages.Readability analysis can benefit to some extent , however not sure its worth featuring #1 on the product page.

Automatic structured data , is the main feature that is worth based on the information currently available on Yoast Shopify Product page.

According to Best Shopify SEO Apps Comparison, there are already very competitive SEO apps available within the Shopify Apps store. Plug In SEO and SEO Manager ranked highly based on Shopify customer reviews.

Hopefully on the launch event on 18th, we will be able to hear more features from Yoast, If not they will definitely improve the features available within coming months.

However, as of 6th Jan 2022, it not seems to be worth investing $29 per month on Yoast Shopify SEO App as there are alternative Shopify SEO App available with more features and with lesser cost.


  • Tharindu Gunawardana

    Tharindu is a passionate digital marketing specialist with over 14 years of experience planning and executing cross-channel digital media campaigns in the Asia Pacific and Australia. He is also known as the SEO wizard due to his extensive knowledge and technical skill in SEO.

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