URL Mapping For SEO Migration With ChatGPT

URL Mapping For SEO Migration With ChatGPT
Say goodbye to manual URL mapping and save time and energy with ChatGPT’s automated URL mapping process.

Are you tired of spending countless hours manually mapping URLs during your SEO migration analysis?

Update: Download SearchMinistry URL Mapper Free Chrome Extention for SEO Migration URL mapping

Good news !, Now you can leave that to ChatGPT. We have created the ChatGPT prompt now available in AIPRM – ChatGPT Chrome Extension.

URL Mapping For SEO Migration ChatGPT prompt uses natural language processing (NLP) entities to automate the URL mapping process, saving you valuable time and effort.

As an SEO professional, you understand the importance of proper URL mapping for a successful migration, and our tool is here to make that process smoother and more efficient.

Say goodbye to manual mapping and hello to a faster and more efficient SEO migration analysis.

How to find the prompt in AIPRM – ChatGPT Chrome Extension

Process :

  • We first need to train the ChatGPT for URL entity analysis. So you will see that this prompt will create a table to identify the NLP entities in the URL set.
  • Based on the understanding of the NLP entities, it will create a markdown table mapping URL Set 1 to URL Set 2.


Analyse the NLP Entities of URLs

Then creating a table with mapped URLs for SEO migration.


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How to copy the ChatGPT table to an excel file?

Do not copy and paste directly from ChatGPT to an excel file. First, copy the table to a Notepad and paste it from Notepad to Excel. This way, you can copy the table format to an Excel file without any formatting issues.

If you have more questions, please add them in the comments.


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