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When it comes to website transition, the stakes are high. Without a strategic SEO migration strategy, you could experience a significant drop in organic traffic. At SearchMinistry, we turn this potential risk into an opportunity. On average, our clients see an increase in organic traffic following a website migration not a decline.

Why Choose SearchMinistry for SEO Migration?


Website transition is more than just moving from one domain to another. It involves redirecting and updating URLs, updating meta tags, transferring content, updating internal links and backlinks, ensuring your sitemap is up-to-date, and notifying search engines about your site’s move using tools like Google Search Console.

Since 2018, we’ve successfully migrated hundreds of websites, preserving and even enhancing their SEO performance. Our SEO experts will evaluate your website’s current performance, take an inventory of your content, and prioritize tasks to ensure a smooth migration process.

Our Comprehensive SEO Migration Services Includes

Organic Traffic Benchmarking

We start with a comprehensive Google Search Console audit and Google Analytic analysis . We ensure all the data gathered during data gathering process including your top performing pages , backlinks, internal links , images , keywords ranking and technical performance factors like web site loading speed. Collection of these data help us to compare once the migration is completed.

Staging Website Review

During the staging , we review your staging website URL structure , design and layout and for any content gaps with the old design or domain. Additionally we do an in depth analysis of the staging website technical issues that can potentially impact your SEO performance.

URL Redirect Mapping

When you move your website, your URLs are likely to change. Our team of SEO experts will crawl your website, take an inventory of current top performing URLs, and map them to their new URLs on new domain or existing domain. We’ll then create a redirect map for your web development team to implement. We have the capability of mapping large website URL redirect mapping with our propriety URL mapping tools we have developed. You can find a lite version of that as a Chrome Extension : URL Redirect Mapper Chrome Extension

Metadata Updates

If necessary, we’ll update your tags (like titles, meta descriptions, Schema, headers, etc.) and ensure that your meta tags and content are optimized to maintain and improve their current rankings.

URL Redirect Implementations

On request we can also help with URL redirect implementation, if you do not have a web developer to implement.

Launch Day & Post Migration Analysis

We will guide your web development team during the launch on best SEO practises. Our task does not end there , we are monitoring your website recovery progress up-to 4 weeks since the migration and implement necessary adjustments to improve your search engine performance.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is SEO migration?

    SEO migration involves moving a website from one domain to another while preserving its search engine rankings and organic traffic.

    Why is SEO migration important?

    SEO migration is important to ensure that a website retains its search engine rankings and organic traffic when it’s moved to a new domain.

    How long does an SEO migration take?

    The duration of an SEO migration can vary depending on the size and complexity of the website. It can take anywhere from a few weeks to several months.

    Can I do an SEO migration myself?

    While it’s possible to do an SEO migration yourself, it’s a complex process that requires a deep understanding of SEO. It’s usually best to hire a professional SEO migration service to ensure the process is done correctly. However, if you still want to procceed we have published full SEO migration guide and checklist below.

    Download the SEO Migration Checklist

    SEO Migration Guide: How to migrate without losing SEO traffic

    What happens if an SEO or Website migration is done incorrectly?

    If an SEO migration is done incorrectly, a website can lose its search engine rankings and see a significant drop in organic traf

    What is a redirect map?

    A redirect map is a document that lists the old URLs of a website and their corresponding new URLs on the migrated website. It’s used to ensure that visitors and search engines are directed to the correct pages after the migration.