How to Verify Domain DNS Property in Google Search Console

On 27th March 2019, Google announced that domain-wide data in Google Search Console now can be aggregated after verifying your sites via DNS verification method.  It’s a long-awaited feature many of us and below is the guideline on how to enable domain wide data for your website.

What is Domain wide data and why need to aggregate?

Previously Google recommends to verify all versions of the website, as an example http, https, www and non-www — in order to get the most comprehensive view of your site in Google Search Console.

The issue with this approach is you can’t compare data and will not give you the full picture of the website performance. This is especially noticeable once you completed the HTTPS redirection, you can’t compare the data as you need to select each property separately.

If your website already verified, you need to verify again with DNS verification option.


  • Go to property list drop down on top left in New Google Search Console, click add property
  • Select DNS as the verification method and add your domain.
  •  Copy TXT the code given by Google Search Console
  • Log into to your domain hosting provider c-Panel. Note this is the web hosting provider of your website. Below example given for HostGator. Google has given instruction for many other host providers in here.
  • Find DNS Editor section in your host provider. And select the domain you want to add DNs record.
  • Select the type of the DNS record, and select TXT record.

In the Name field, enter your domain name (which looks like

Find the TTL data in here for your host provider.

In the TXT Data field, paste the entire verification record that you copied in Step 3.

  • Once you add the record please very with Google Search Console.

At first attempt I have received below error message. This is because it takes couple of minutes to update the DNS data.

Try again in few minutes,

Once all completed you will see a pop up like this to start aggregating your data. Click start.


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