How To Market Your NFTs in 2023

How To Market Your NFTs in 2022

NFT is the new buzzword within the digital metaverse in 2022. Everyone wants to sell NFTs, but how many NFTs are actually successful? In 2022 NFTs are not about just selling a JPEG anymore.

What are NFTs?

NTF (Non-Fungible Tokens) are unique digital assets that can be bought and sold within the metaverse. NFTs are based on blockchain technology, which means owners receive a certificate of ownership that can not be duplicated or stolen. Most of the time these assets can be in a form of photos, videos, skins ( in Games ), tweets or even domain names.

What is NFT Marketing ?

NFT (Non-Fungible Tokens) marketing is a process of promoting and selling NFT collections. This process includes community building & promoting on different social platforms like Twitter, Discord & TikTok. It also includes PR & working with influences within the industry to boost the NFT collection awareness and engagement.

NFT Examples is one of the world largest NFT trading marketplaces. Below are some of the most active trading NFT collections on OpenSea.

Bored Ape Yacht Club

Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT


Crypto Punk NFT

Mrketing a JPEG?

Most of the initial NFTs started as just a unique and interesting image or a JPEG or a PNG file. However, that era is long gone and now just uploading even a very creative artwork to the marketplace won’t cut the deal.

NFT Marketing Stratgey In 2022

When it comes to NFT marketing strategy in 2022, you need to put more focus on building out your community. The secret behind building a community is to understand the community provide value for your NFT holders.

1.Understand your target audience

People are investing in NFTs, either to flip ( resell ) or for long term benefits. If they think that your NFT value will increase in future there will be definitely interested in buying your NFTs.

According to Similarweb majority of the audience who visits, are interested in Investing, Video Gaming, Programming and tech. Audience Profile – Source: Similarweb

2.Increase value for your NFT collection

As an example check the Mutant Cats NFT collection. They have increased the value of their art/NFT by creating a DAO ( Decentralised Autonomous Organisation ) that purchases and fractionalizes valuable blue chip NFTs. NFT holders can stake the NFTs and earn 10 $FISH tokens per day. This $FISH token can also be traded on the secondary market via SushiSwap and converted to real money via Fiat.

Mutant Cats-NFT Marketing Strategy
Mutant Cats Most Valued NFT

3. Create a clear roadmap

When it comes to providing value, communicating your roadmap clearly to your potential NFT holders are important. The roadmap will outline the different stages and progress you have taken so far.

Cool CAT NFT Roadmap
Cool Cat NFT Collection – Roadmap

4. Launch a website

For better communication and to show your roadmap and other information highly recommend creating your own website. Check the Wesmuhunu NFT collection website as an example website.

5. Build a community – Generate Interest

Building a community will be the most important success point for your NFT collection. Without community, without creating an interest you will not be able to sell your NFTs.

You might have heard about some of the NFTs sold out in less than just 30 seconds. That is because they have generated interest over time and built a community around them. NFT audiences are primarily tech-savvy audiences. Due to that, they are most engaged on Twitter & Discord.

6. Influencer Marketing & Digital PR

When it comes to promoting your NFT and increasing the awareness of the NFT collection, the most effective digital marketing channels to use are influencer marketing and digital PR channels.


Twitter Promotions

Within Twitter itself, you will find many people label them as NFT promoters. However, you need to do your homework first before using these promoters. Most of the promoters use a free giveaway tactic to increase their following.

Example Twitter promotion packages offered by these Twitter promoters.

YouTube Inflencers

The second most effective influencers are YouTube Influencers who are already talking about NFTs and Crypto in general. Directly reach out to them and provide value to their audience.

Read more on this greater article by Influencer Marketing Hub on The 8 Best Platforms to Find YouTube Influencers in 2022

Digital PR

Traditional PR tends to focus on channels such as the general press, niche printed publications, TV and radio.

Digital PR on the other hand has a multitude of other channels available. These include websites, social media platforms, blogs, influencer campaigns, online news and video portals” While both approaches share a common interest, Digital PR take a more reactive approach to PR than traditional PR.

Traditional PR Vs Digital PR

All of these marketing channels can be used to increase the awareness of your NFT collection.

7. Offer whitelisting for early supporters

Whitelisting simply means you are pre-approving crypto wallet addresses for minting before it comes to the secondary market or public launch. Whitelisting allows NFT projects to reward early supporters with guaranteed slots and avoid expensive gas fees.

The whitelist can distribute mint so that not all are traded at the same time, avoiding a sharp rise in transaction prices. To be whitelisted for a project, you typically need to join the project’s Discord group to learn the criteria for whitelisting.

8. Submit your NFT to ( Or similar websites ) is the most popular website to announce your NFT launch. Currently its receiving over one million website visitors every month.


NFT space is always evolving and it’s not just about uploading an image to the NFT marketplace and waiting for someone to buy your NFT. If you can provide value to your NFT and clearly educate your target audience there will be people who back your NFT collection.


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