8 Best AI-Powered Content Writing Tools in 2023

Best-AI-Powered-Content Writing-Tools

Since the beginning of search engine optimization, content creators looking for ways to quickly and cost-effectively obtain unique, high-quality content.

Artificial intelligence or machine learning content writing is now a reality. AI content writing technology allows users to generate unique content with a click of a button.

There are primarily two types of AI content writing tools.

  • AI-powered writing assistant tools
  • AI-powered content generation tools

From an article re-wording to complete article writing is now possible with AI-powered content writing tools. Below are our top AI-powered content writing tools.

Best AI Content Writing Tools

1. Surfer SEO with Jasper Integration

Surfer is an AI-Powered Content Writing tool that merges content strategy, creation, and optimization into one smooth process. With Surfer’s smart algorithms, you will quickly find the best content opportunities, create a content strategy for months ahead, and write compelling pages based on data-driven guidelines.


  • CONTENT PLANNER – Plan your content and Generate a Content Strategy

Generate the whole content strategy with dozens of relevant topics & keywords in a matter of minutes.

  • BRIEF – Create AI Outline and Unique AI headings and paragraphs

Get optimized AI content, and unique paragraphs categorized into the proper headers which you can tailor to match your tone and voice. 

  • CONTENT EDITOR – Write with guidelines and Get Content Suggestions

Gain valuable insights on the ideal word count for your content. Learn the keywords to use, article structure, image count and more.

  • AUDIT – Optimize existing pages

Identify content gaps and get easy-to-implement fixes that boost organic traffic in days.


Surfer SEO start with a $49 per month basic package

2. AI-Writer

AI-Writer-AI-Powered-Content-Writing -Tool


AI Writer has two main features. Those are ;

  • Research & Write

Based on your input topic it will generate a full article that can be close to 750 words on averagely.

  • Text Rewording

Text Rewording is a very handy tool as well if you want to rewrite an article or paragraph within seconds.

  • SEO Editor Writing Assistant

This is a new tool introduced by the AI-Writer, which act as an AI-powered writing assistant.

  • Publish to WordPress

Publish to WordPress is also a new feature offered by Ai-Writer which makes this tool one of the best tools on our list.


The basic plan starts from $29 per month, up to 40 articles.

Our Review

It is also the most affordable tool compared to all other tools we have tested. With the new additions like publishing to WordPress and AI Writing assistant, it really stands out from the completion.


Frase-io-AI-Powered-Content-Writing -Tool

Frase AI speeds up the process of researching, writing, and optimising high-quality SEO content.


  • Content Brief

Curate well-researched content briefs in minutes, not hours.

  • Content Writing

Generate quality, high-converting copy at the click of a button.

  • Content Optimization

Compare your content to your top search competitors.

  • Content Analytics

Unveil new content opportunities and prevent content decay.


Basic package start at $44.90 per month

Our Review

Fraser.io is a good tool for content brief development. And some of the AI features are handy when it comes to content optimisation. However, compared to Surfer SEO we felt that Frase.io is less user friendly when it comes to content optimisation.


CopiAI-AI-Powered-Content-Writing -Tool

Copy.ai is an awesome tool that works as a content writing assistant. It helps you write headlines, social media posts, and even blog posts.

You can also use it for writing ad copies for your campaigns on Facebook, Google Ads, and Instagram.

All you have to do is enter a keyword or phrase in Copy.ai and it will give you several content ideas around that keyword.

Besides that, it also provides you with several content templates that you can use to create engaging content on different topics.

It’s one of the best copywriting tools out there because it uses artificial intelligence to come up with written pieces based on your requirements.

Note : The above content, peace was written using the Copy.Ai tool 🙂


From Digital Ad copy to blog topic ideas and section writing there are 90+ tools you can use to speed up your writing tasks.


No credit card is required to test, you will receive free credit to test the tool.

Our Review

One of the top 3 tools we loved to work as it gives you enough time to test the tool as well as the output it really great.


ArticleForge-AI-Powered-Content-Writing -Tool

Article Forge is a revolutionary new software that outputs high-quality, human-like articles at a click of a button. Not only does it use advanced artificial intelligence and deep learning to write completely unique articles, it also links back to YOUR website, increasing your rankings in the search engines.


  • AI-powered writer
  • Content passes Copyscape
  • Automatically posts to blogs
  • Bulk article generation


$57 per month, 5-day free trial

Our Review

Article Forge is a powerful tool and one of the tools to first introduced Word Press integration. However, during the test, we felt that the quality of the AI copy is not that great when compared to other tools we have tested.


RYTR-AI-Powered-Content-Writing -Tool

Rytr is an AI writer that generates blogs automatically. The software is designed to automate the process of creating content for your blog.

It can generate blog posts based on a pre-defined template, or it can be customized to suit your needs. 


  • Access 30+ use-cases
  • Write in 30+ languages
  • Access 20+ tones
  • Built in plagiarism checker
  • Access to premium community


Free plan with 5000 characters per month 🙂

Our Review

Value for money.


kAFKAI-AI-Powered-Content-Writing -Tool

Kafkai is a machine-learning algorithm that can write articles from scratch. Cut your manual labor, cut your costs and earn better Google placements with Kafkai! Visit kafkai.net for more information on how you can use Kafkai to slash hours from your weekly workload and grow more traffic from Google search results.


Different article writing based on the niche you have selected.


Starting from $29 per month.

Our Review

I was not impressed by the quality of the content it generates, despite the costly pricing.

8.Jasper ( Previously Known as Jarvis)

Jasper-AI-Powered-Content-Writing -Tool
  • Create original content that ranks for SEO
  • Finish your first draft 2-5X faster
  • Boost ad conversions with better copy
  • End writer’s block with ideas from a robot
  • Support 25+ languages.

Starter $29 per month.

Our Review

Most impressive AI content writing tool.


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