301 Redirection Code Generator ( Excel Template )

301 Redirect code generater template

What is 301 Redirection ?

there are different types of HTTP status codes used in the web. Meaning of 301 redirection means you have moved the URL permanently. In most instances, the 301 redirect is the best method for implementing redirects on a website as it will pass whatever authority available in the old URL to the new URL/domain.

When you need to use 301 URL redirection ?

If you are changing your domain name or changing a URL for permanently you need to redirect the old URL or the domain name with 301 URL method.

How to do 301 Redirection ?

If you are using Word Press as your CMS, there are many free plugins available, that will help to do the 301 redirections very easily. Below are some most popular plugins for URL redirection.

1. Simple 301 Redirects

2. WP SEO Redirect 301

3. Redirection

Redirect with .htaccess file

The other option is to update your HTACCESS file with the 301 redirection code. For that, you can download the below template and update your URL set and the template will automatically generate the URL list for you.


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